re·de·sign: design something again or in a different way

Love what you have, but want a fresh new look?  A redesign is exactly what you're looking for

We will use your existing pieces you love, and add a few new finds to freshen up your space.  

space plan·ning:  the process of making plans for a continuous area

 This service is very helpful when moving into your dream home, downsizing, or reclaiming the kids play room.  This service is also perfect when a home has a unique footprint, feature, or perhaps a flaw.  We will study how you live in the space and provide the best floor plan for the area.  

stag·ing:  the process of arranging a home in a particular way to sell

 Staging your home gives you a competitive edge over your competition.  Let us create a warm, inviting, and cohesive look to your home during the selling process.

col·or pal·ette:  the range of colors used to create a cohesive style

This could be the most scary two words ever spoken.  Let us make them the most exciting two words for your home.  Not only will we select the perfect colors for your space; we can also select tile, stone, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, accessories, and more.  

in·te·ri·or de·sign·er:  a person who plans the function, materials, finishes, color, & accessories of a space

Christie graduated from Harrington College of Design in Chicago in 2006.  From commercial design to residential, Christie strives to create beautiful, functional spaces.   To discuss any of these opportunities, please call to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.